2021 FANUC Robocut Alpha C 400 IC CNC Wire EDM

2021 FANUC Robocut Alpha C 400 IC CNC Wire EDM

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Excellent Condition 2,653 Hours

FANUC 31i-WB Controller with New iHMI User Interface

Wire Size: .004” to .012”

Inverter Controlled Chiller

Remote Jog Handle

28.7" x 24.8" x 10.0" Workpiece Dimensions

15.7" X-Axis Travel

11.8" Y-Axis Travel

10.0" Z-Axis Travel

1,100 Max Workpiece Weight

±2.362 U/V Travels

ø 0.004-0.012 Wire Diameter Capacity

66lbs Wire Capacity

145 Gallon Work Tank

Fanuc series 31i-WB CNC control with newly developed iHMI Interface CNC

(1) 64 bit and (4) 32 bit control processors

15” Color LCD – Touch Screen

Operator guidance screens for operation, alarms, maintenance and parts

RS232C input/output port for file transferring

Ethernet port

2 USB Ports


Part program storage capacity 4 Megabyte

Automatic power recovery

Automatic restart

3D Coordinate System Rotation

Wire center path calculation G41/42

Coordinate system rotation

Reverse copy (symmetry) M96/97

Automatic corner rounding

Low air pressure alarm

Work coordinate system (G54-G59)



Rotational Copy

NC Command Resolution of 0.00000004”

FANUC high speed digital / AC power supply

FANUC serial/digital AC servo motors

Five (5) standard controlable axis (X, Y, U, V, Z) (A&B Optional)

Up to 45 degree taper cutting capability (with optional guides and nozzles)

Absolute position encoder system

Exclusive Twin Servo Motor Wire Tension system

Independent column mounted U and V axis slides

FANUC Automatic Wire Feed System (10 sec. spark to spark)

Anti-Crash protection (X, Y, U, V, Z)

Programmable “Z” axis

Ai Power Setting Function – automatic setting of cutting conditions

Handy controller (Hand held pendant)

Quick conversational programming

Smart Programming of Keyways

Servo Motor Controlled automatic water level control in work tank 

Programmable Flushing

Mirror image X and Y axes independently

Edge Finding / centering manually, G codes and Guidance Menus

Decimal point input

Inch / Metric switchable – G20/G21

One Set of .010” High Precision die guides

Stainless Submersible Vertical Wire Alignment Gauge

Wash down hose with nozzle

Chiller unit for dielectric fluid (Inverter controlled to +/- 0.1 deg C)

Fanuc filtration unit

Auto wire recovery function (AWR)

Wire break skip function / Cutting condition adjustment function

Retry skip function

AWF monitor screen

AWF result monitor screen

Re-cutting function

Simple retry function

Simple retry position indication

Full retry function

Wire break position indication

Alarm recovery guidance

EDM data adjustment function on AWR

AWF start hole search function / short release function

Digital Power Supply

Floor Space (W x D) 94 x 105 in

Machine Weight 4000 lbs.


ModelRobocut Alpha C 400 IC CNC Wire EDM